Fixing an OpSec Hole…

As return readers of this blog know, I try pretty hard to maximize my privacy and security online and also share what I’ve learned with the readers. One (in retrospect) painfully obvious hole, however, in my operational security (OpSec for the cool kids) is that I use the same bloody username for most of my online accounts. It doesn’t take a data brokerage genius to figure out that all of these accounts are owned by the same person. Duh!

So if you are a creature of habit like I am and would like to improve your operational security, I thought this would be a helpful post. I’m going to outline just how to do this along with some tools that are pretty useful as well. First off, what’s the best way to come up with a new username for a service that won’t give away who you are? Turns out, there are a variety of websites that will generate readable, random usernames for you. One that I found particularly helpful was from LastPass, a password vault application.

Thus armed, it’s now down to the laborious process of figuring out if you can rename your account on a variety of services and, if not, deleting and recreating said account by hand. You might also want to consider deleting some of these accounts if you don’t use them any more. That will reduce your personal attack surface in the event that one of these services is breached.

Just for fun, I have a set of links below that I discovered that should save you some time if you frequent these sites / services. What’s surprising is how many of these services do not let you rename your account. For those, it’s best to delete it unless there are specific digital purchased tied to that account (damn you Steam!).

After you think you are done, do yourself a favour and do a DuckDuckGo search of your commonly-used username. You might find some accounts out there that you had forgotten about. Chances are, if you forgot them you probably don’t use them so take the opportunity to delete them and decrease your attack surface further.

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